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Our Stud Dog Stuart Little

The Dog Stud Service Difference

Poodles are highly intelligent, and this feature is passed on to all the progeny from our dog stud service. Our stud dogs have both been genetically tested, and copies of these tests are included in the puppy packs we provide.

Stuart Little

 * 28 cm *2.8 kgs * DNA Clear*


*Hank * 33 cm* 5 kgs* DNA Clear*

Both these gentlemen are DNA tested clear for all genetic diseases with copies provided in our puppy packs for your peace of mind.

These fathers leave an impression on all their progeny, passing on their poodle intelligence and trainability, their curly non- shedding coat, athleticism and love for the great outdoors.

These stud dogs are occasionally available to be used for outside females. The cost of a Service is $800- please enquire via email on our “Contact Us” link, for further information about our processes. 

Benefits of the Theodore Breed

The Theodore, also known as the Cavoodle, is a stunning mix of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the adorable Toy Poodle. These special animals have many admirable qualities you might want in a family pet and companion.

  • They are relaxed and affectionate animals.

  • They are known for having few health issues.

  • Their coats are non-shedding, making them hypoallergenic.

  • They are excellent with children and the elderly.

  • Theodores are highly trainable and very intelligent.

  • They thrive around humans and other animals.

  • They love the outdoors and going on adventures.

Book a Stud Service With Hank or Stuart Little

A toy poodle stud service with one of our incredible dogs is AU$800. You can view all the information of each of these studs and book all on our website.

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