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Choosing your Next Best Friend From Our Cavoodles for Sale

A hybrid cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a poodle (either a toy or miniature), the Cavoodle represents a genetically unique dog breed that has become popular worldwide. Our selection of Cavoodles for sale allows you to easily choose the pup that draws your attention and bring it to its new family.  


How do We Find Homes for Our Cavoodle Puppies in Australia?


We follow an extremely simple process when finding homes for our pups, making it easier for you to choose the right furry friend. Our process goes as follows:


  1. Browse our online catalogue and choose the pup that calls your name.

  2. Secure your pup of choice with an AU$300 deposit.

  3. Arrange to meet your pup via email, FaceTime, or in person once they are older than six weeks.

  4. Acquire our puppy success starter kit.

  5. Once your puppy is eight weeks old, you can collect it from North Maclean or accept delivery of your new companion.

Cavoodle Puppy Playing With A Little Girl

Why Consider Getting a Cavoodle?

Because Cavoodles are a hybrid breed consisting of more than one breed, it has a greater genetic diversity, making them less susceptible to harmful genetic conditions and health problems more common in purebreds. In addition to a calm demeanour and family-friendly attributes, the Cavoodle is small in stature and doesn’t pose a threat to children or other dogs.


When browsing the internet for toy Cavoodles for sale, consider contacting Theodorables & Co. to find your next furry family member.

Companions ready for adoption NOW

Call Us! 0430716732

Vet checked. Vaccinated. Loved.

We are all adopted. 

A Litter of Cavoodle Puppies Sleeping

Cherry X Stuart Little's  litter is earthside safe and well!

These boys have found homes- Congratulations Lalla and Nicole!

Cherry and Stuart Little's Cavoodle Litter
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