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At Theodorables & Co our dogs are family! We take great care of their physical, psychological and emotional well being to the highest standard.  Breeding dogs for pets is something we take very seriously and with great pride, as our family members become yours. Our aim is to improve the health of Theodores/ Cavoodles in each generation we breed by scrutinising progeny and only allowing the best examples of the developing breed to go on to contribute to the breed standard. 

We are registered, ethical breeders of the newly recognised pure breed “Theodores”. We are a family owned and run business with all hands-on deck, including our children in the day to day chores of caring for our beloved dogs.  We pride ourselves on providing healthy family members at affordable prices from our family to yours.

Theodorables & Co is an experienced breeder of Cavoodle and Poodle breed derivative dogs with a combined 30 years’ experience in canine breeding. Cavoodle are now being pioneered into a new recognised pure breed that is called a “Theodore”. This name was coined by the MDBA for their unique “teddy bear” look. The word Theodore is then derived from the word “Teddy” to which the dogs bear a striking resemblance.

A purebred dog is defined as being a dog that has five generations of recorded pedigreed breeding. Theodorables & Co has registered breeding stock that will be the foundational members of this breed and seek to set a high breed standard, that will be recognized for their trainability, longevity, their non-shedding coat, and loyalty to their humans.

Please refer to the Master Dog Breeders and Associates. website for further information and description of Theodore breed standard.

 theodore breed standard. D.pdf (

You can verify our local council registration here

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You can verify us as registered Master Dog Breeders and Associates.  breeders here:

MDBA number 287582



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