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Adding Fluffy Friends to Your Family: Where to Buy a Puppy

Updated: Jul 12

Buying a puppy is an exciting and emotionally charged moment for anyone, so asking where to buy a puppy ethically should always be your first question. We want to discuss this question with you and help you navigate it before you set out to buy a puppy.

Where to Buy A Cavoodle Puppy

The Experience Should Always be Positive and Memorable

Many people have heard stories of well-meaning people being misled into purchasing a puppy that is not up to the standard or value they deserve as buyers. “Buyer beware” has become somewhat commonplace in the market, and for good reasons, but this isn’t something you should worry about when dealing with licensed, ethical breeders.

Licensed, ethical breeders protect their buyers and strictly adhere to the relevant governing bodies. This protection means you do not have to worry about puppies that arrive in your home with unmentioned illnesses or genetic deformities and that you have a degree of protection and support even after purchase. Unlicensed breeders, on the other hand, owe you no such obligations and should you discover that the animal has health issues or other problems, you are on your own.

I want to emphasise that unlicensed breeders are not the same as the families who health tested their pets, found an excellent stud, and had a single litter for expanding their household. These litters usually find local homes and often create bonds between the family who had a single litter and the recipients of the beautiful puppies.

When I say unlicensed breeders, I refer to people who breed two dogs together indiscriminately and sell them on any platform, hoping to make a quick buck. The pets deserve better, and these breeders usually do not care for the quality of the animal’s life.

So, what should you do if you want to know where to buy Cavoodle puppies?

Getting a Puppy From a Licensed Breeder is Always Worth the Wait

If you want to know where to buy a Cavoodle, the best answer is always from a licensed breeder who goes through the relevant procedures to bring you healthy puppies and takes good care of their own stud dogs. While this process might put you on a waiting list, it is always better than supporting unethical backyard breeders.

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